luni, 22 iulie 2013

I Miss The Days When We Were Together..

I miss you and I miss you terribly. Those days were the most beautiful days of my life when we were together. I miss the days when we were madly and passionately in love. There was a spark in our relationship which everyone around us noticed. I miss the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we watched together. I miss waking up in your arms. I miss the way you called out my name. I miss the way you pampered me like a baby. I miss the way I treated you like my teddy bear. I miss the way you handled my innocence with all your maturity. I miss how we used to talk about random things for hours every day. I miss watching your kind of movies although I hated them .I miss your arms wrapped around me, your tight hugs and your kisses. I miss your touch, your voice, your smile, your laughter and all your random jokes. We were so perfect together. I wish that we could just be back to how we were. I miss how we used to be and what we used to be ...

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