luni, 22 iulie 2013

Love Me Just The Way I AM..

You are My love, My life, My flame, My fire, My soul mate, My everything. You complete me I will love you to the end and beyond . I adore you for what you are but I cannot handle disrespect. Don’t try to change me or mold me with your attitude and superiority complex. . I know I am not perfect and I have many flaws. I am clumsy and sometimes I act silly. I say stupid crazy things without realizing that how much they annoy you. But I can try and become better with love and patience. I have my own fears and inhibitions but you can help me overcome all those with your love not arrogance. I am immature and many people cannot handle my idiosyncrasies and my childish behavior but I will grow up beautifully if you hold my hand and guide me with patience. I am sure you can put up with my behavior and embrace my imperfections because although I have many flaws, I am lovable and adorable . 

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