marți, 11 iunie 2013

How do I live without you !?!?

How do I  ,Get through one night without you .... If I had to live without you .... What kind of life would that be?   Oh I need you in my arms  ,Need you to hold......Your my world my heart my soul ,If you ever leave....Baby you'd take away everything good in my Life. 
And tell me now  How do I live without you ,I want to know.....How do I breathe without you ,If you ever go...How do I ever, ever survive?   How do I !!!
Without you....There'd be no sun in my sky....!!!  There would be no love in my life ,There would be no world left for me...And I ,Baby I don't know what I would do  ...I would be lost if I lost you ,If you ever leave....Baby you would take away everything real in my life !!
And tell me now , How do I live without you.....I want to know ,How do I breathe without you....If you ever go.....How do I ever ever.... survive ?

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